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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breasts are one of the most important components of self-confidence and beauty for women. The duration of breasts augmentation surgery takes from one to two hours and requires a day of accommodation in the hospital, and 7 days in a hotel until full healing is completed.

Women resort to breast augmentation and reduction surgeries to treat the problems they suffer from, whether their breasts are small, large, asymmetric, sagging, and others.
With regard to breast reduction, it is done in several ways, each of which the specialist doctor removes excess tissue and fat, as well as getting rid of excess skin and obtaining the required size of the breast.
As for breast augmentation, it is also done in several ways, namely:

⦁ Installing chest supports
⦁ Autologous fat injection
⦁ Use of silicone implants

And each of these methods is done to enlarge, lift and tighten the breast in proportion to the shape of the body.
As for breast augmentation by lifting, rotating and tightening the breast without changing its size, it is done in several ways, which we mention:

⦁ Cosmetic surgery, which includes several methods
⦁ Cosmetology with threads
⦁ Cosmetology with Botox injections
A qualified doctor is required to provide you with the best results, and our center provides you with what you require in the hands of elite doctors, as well as many services for the patient’s comfort.

You can get detailed information about each process mentioned above through the articles of the site.
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