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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation always leads to positive results and success depends on the patient following all the instructions of the surgeon. The duration of the FUE hair transplantation surgery takes from two to four hours and requires 2 days of accommodation in a hotel until all procedures are completed.

Advantages of Organic Hair Transplant

Stem cell injection used in organic hair transplant provides many advantages to the patient. Stem cell injection used in Organic Hair Transplant:

  • Transplant area is rendered efficient
  • Hair transplant procedure become easier
  • Enables non-chemical work
  • Feeds the newly transferred hair follicles and increases their adherence rate
  • Provides up to 96% successful results in hair transplant procedure
  • Facilitates the growth of more lively, healthier and longer lasting hair
  • Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation Methods

FUE Technique

Hair transplantation  using the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the most popular methods. This technique is considered to be easier and less painful compared to other methods. For this reason, people who want to undergo hair transplantation prefer to go with this method.

SAPPHIRE Technique

The Sapphire method is considered to be the latest innovation in the FUE technique of hair transplantation. Sapphire blades are used while opening the channels of extracted bulbs, and as the name itself suggests, these blades are made entirely of sapphire. Therefore, they are more durable and do not lose sharpness over time.

DHI Technique

It is a technique that facilitates the process of hair transplantation and has spread in recent years. The DHI technique is similar to the FUE technique but differs in the way it is applied. This technique is known as the pen technique, and the pen consists of implanting single grafts on the scalp using a pen-shaped implant device (Choi Implanter)

How the “FUE Hair Transplantation” is performed?

Fat tissue obtained own body of the patient is processed and enriched adipose tissue derived stem cells which uses closed circuit system. The recipient area that the “Organic Hair Transplantation” will be performed is sterilized and the mixture containing adipose tissue derived stem cells is injected to the area. The volume of the scalp is increased and nutrition process begins.

The extracted hair grafts then classified according to their types and prepared for the transplantation process. In order to get the most natural result the angles of the hair canals are determined precisely. The donor site is dressed after the “Organic Hair Transplantation” process is completed which will be removed the following day. The recipient area is left as open.