Hollywood smile : what are the steps and the potential risk?

Written by: Dr. Yasser Mahfouz

Edited by: Hajar Elghareeb

Hollywood smile has become a new trend that many people seek to improve their appearance, especially their smile. It is considered a total makeover that is working on changing the old teeth’ shape and replacing them with more attractive ones. But the question is what steps a person must take to get the desired Hollywood smile and are there any potential risks associated with this procedure.

This is what we will discuss with Dr. Yasser Mahfouz, one of our leading cosmetic dentists.

How can we define Hollywood smile?

Smile design is the idea of reaching the final, approximate expected shape. If a person fits the shape of the teeth, we can start preparing the treatment plan after a comprehensive analysis of the teeth’ length and width and how it matches the face and lips’ shape when the person speaks, besides analyzing the smile itself.

How should we prepare for Hollywood smile procedure?

In most cases – to reach an excellent result – teeth should be prepared first before we design the Hollywood smile. To get the teeth prepared is to get rid of any problems related to it or the gum in order to reach the results we long to.

For example, if there is gingivitistooth decay, or problems related to the nerve, they have to be treated first. After that, we start designing the smile to reach the teeth’ unified color while preserving the order of the teeth’ stacking and the consistency of the gum borders.

What are the steps by which a Hollywood smile is designed?

To start designing a Hollywood smile, we should follow these steps:

  • We take the sizes of the upper and lower teeth.
  • We take a teeth molding in the clinic and send it to the dental laboratory to design a future tooth waxy model.
  • We use images and video clips to design an approximate shape on the computer using specific programs, and then we agree on a consistent shape and show it to the person. If the person approved on the design, an approximate shape can then be printed using a die carving device that gives a plastic model of the teeth’ approximate shape.

In any of the two previous cases, it is possible to use the wax model or the plastic molding to be applied to the teeth of the person using temporary acryl to give us the approximate shape of the teeth. Then we take the person’s consent to apply the treatment plan depending on the wax model or plastic molding at the time of preparing the teeth.

Is there different types of the Hollywood smile?

A Hollywood smile can be made of ceramic, or it can be made of cosmetic fillings.

What are the potential risks for Hollywood smile?

There are no potential risks of performing a Hollywood smile if it is designed in a healthy way for the gums, and if there are sufficient spaces between the teeth.

How do we maintain the results of Hollywood smile as long as possible?

To maintain the Hollywood smile results, we should follow the regular procedures of cleaning the teeth, with increased attention to cleaning between the teeth and maintaining the health of the gums.