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Hollywood Smile

What attracts us the most about a person and his beauty is his pure white smile, and this is what Hollywood smile (Hollywood Smile) achieves for you.
A Hollywood smile is a very quick and easy process that takes place in just two sessions.
The Hollywood smile is a very thin veneer crust, which is placed over the tooth to give it an attractive appearance and bright whiteness. However, there are several problems that are eliminated with this smile:
⦁ Deviation of the Teeth
The difference in the shape, size, or length of the teeth from each other.

⦁ Filling the Gaps and Covering the Damages
⦁ Treatment of teeth that have acquired a different color after cosmetic fillings
Hollywood smile features.
A simple procedure that does not require anesthesia or surgery
⦁ Immediate results appear as soon as dental lenses are installed
It has no harmful side effects
⦁ Gives an attractive look to your smile
⦁ Provides a natural look for the teeth
⦁ Protects teeth from stains as porcelain veneers are resistant to pigmentation
⦁ Help you to get a beautiful smile while correcting some dental problems.
How is a Hollywood smile installed?
The methods of installing the coatings differ according to the thinness of the coating or its thickness and according to the difference in the shape of the smile. There are two methods of installation, which we mention:
Using the veneers: First, the sizes are chosen, and the doctor draws a smile in the first session, and the appropriate color for your skin is chosen. The doctor uses anesthetic during the installation of this type, then the teeth are sculpted to match the coating
Using Lumineer: This type of crown is thin and delicate, meaning the doctor must be an expert in the installation so that it does not break and this type of installation does not need to sculpt the teeth.

What is the Animated Hollywood smile?

It is called Snap On Smile, a foreign word that means quick or sudden movement, meaning a quick-fitting smile, and it is a great way to beautify and whiten teeth or replace missing teeth, and this smile comes in the form of flexible molds that are easy to install and remove from the teeth.
Steps to get an animated Hollywood smile:
⦁ Obtaining laboratory prepared or pre-made dental lenses
⦁ Preparing an internal impression matching your teeth so that the dental lenses stick to your teeth easily
⦁ The mold is cast so that it weighs against your teeth inside and out
⦁ The mold is pasted with a dedicated vacuum device
This process is very easy and simple, and its results are very guaranteed. You will also get a bright white smile in the way you like and define, and you can maintain it for many years.

If you want to get whiter teeth and increase the beauty of your smile, you need a highly experienced doctor to ensure the success of the operation, and this is what our center offers you.

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