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The lights tended to be shed on those who have a small nose and in proportion to the face, to be chosen as the best aesthetic faces, so rhinoplasty operations are issued.
Rhinoplasty has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in recent times, as getting a small nose and a harmonious body has become the top of the list of desires,
We add that rhinoplasty involves not only cosmetic, but also solving some respiratory problems.
In our article, we will talk about rhinoplasty, how it is performed, and other details that will help you if you want to follow rhinoplasty.


A surgery aimed at changing the texture and structure of the nose, improving its appearance or treating a specific problem
Nose problems that are treated with rhinoplasty revolve around:

⦁ Nose fractures
Congenital problems with shape or structure
The narrowing of the nostril, which in turn hinders the respiratory process
⦁ deviation of the nasal bone
Change in the size or tilt of the nose

Rhinoplasty procedure..

The operation is performed after the patient is subjected to local anesthesia (often used) or general anesthesia, and the type of anesthesia is determined by the specialist doctor after tests are conducted and the patient is consulted with what suits him, and then the doctor makes a surgical incision in the nose, either in the area between the nostrils or inside the nostrils The doctor is also the one who determines the appropriate place for the incision. The incision is often between the two nostrils, which is followed by the procedure, as it allows more freedom to make adjustments to the nose. The modifications are to reshape the structure of the nose and are applied with several procedures, including the common ones:
⦁ Removing or adding cartilage to achieve the best possible image
⦁ Breaking the nasal bone and rearranging it or adding an extra bone to the nose, according to the case
⦁ Make adjustments to the nasal tip to change the angle between the nose and upper lip
⦁ Addition to change the size of the skin to suit the new shape of the nose
And other techniques that can be followed during plastic surgery to achieve the desire and demand for a nose shape

Note: It is not possible to specify fixed steps for performing rhinoplasty, as the procedure depends on the shape of the nose, its size, its problem and their differences from person to person, as well as on the new image required for the nose and the modifications that will be applied

After 1-2 hours, the reshaping of the nasal structure is completed. Finally, the doctor closes the surgical incision with thin sutures, the effects of which disappear with time, and then places a stent on the outside of the nose to maintain its stability during the healing process, which can be removed after a week of surgery. time approx.
After rhinoplasty…
The patient notices an immediate result of the new nose shape (not final) and some swelling, redness and bruising around the eyes after rhinoplasty, which are simple natural complications that need a period of time to recover and disappear, which may take up to two weeks, and with time and gradually the final shape of the nose appears, which may need several months and often What is the result of rhinoplasty permanent?

This is how you can get the shape and texture of the nose that you require, but you must choose an efficient doctor to achieve the best results for you, and our doctors are able to achieve these good and satisfactory results,
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