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Obesity Operations

Obesity Operations

When we enter the world of obesity operations, we will be surprised that there are many operations in this field to suit all obesity cases.
The human body requires a minimum amount of fat to ensure the functioning of the body’s systems and to obtain energy. However, the increase in fat percentage alone leads to a decrease in the average lifespan and also to serious diseases that lead to a person’s life faster to death.
But medicine and development have not failed to find solutions to the various problems we suffer from.
Here we will talk in our article about the different methods used to treat the problem of obesity once and for all.

stomach balloon..

A non-surgical, easy and quick procedure that has very good results over time.
Its mechanism: inserting a tube from the mouth (endoscope) through which a silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach and filled with saline solution and fixed in the stomach.
It is worth noting that this procedure is temporary, as it must be replaced or removed after a period of 6 months to avoid the risk of perforation or damage.
Sleeve gastrectomy (cutting the stomach).
The process takes place in two ways:
Surgical: In which an incision is made in the abdominal wall to reach the stomach to remove part of it (cut), or sew it up and isolate it (sleeving) so that the stomach takes on a new shape and size so that approximately 80% of the stomach volume is removed.

Endoscopic (non-surgical):

Small holes are made in the abdomen to insert the endoscopic endoscope to remove the specific part of the stomach and then close these openings cosmetically so that they do not leave any traces.
Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most desirable operations as it has guaranteed results and does not require much time to perform, as it takes from 60 to 90 minutes of time.
Gastric bypass..
The process takes place in two ways:
Either surgical: during which an incision is made in the abdomen to reach the stomach
Or laparoscopic: Small holes are made in the abdomen that allow the passage of the endoscope to reach the stomach
And after reaching the stomach and both ways…
It is divided into two small upper parts (stomach pouch), which will receive food, and a large lower one is isolated, and then the small upper part of the stomach is connected to the small intestine (as this step reduces the absorption of food into the body) and then the incision or holes are closed with a pole Cosmetic does not leave a trace later.

Stomach Botox..

A non-surgical operation that adopts an endoscopic mechanism and takes between 45 and 60 minutes of time,
A telescope is inserted from the mouth into the stomach in order to inject the stomach wall with certain studied substances that reduce the movement and contraction of the stomach by 50%, which results in less digestion and emptying of the stomach for food, and thus a feeling of fullness and satiety for longer periods and therefore the decrease in the amount of food eaten, and sometimes it may be Injection of the nerve responsible for giving orders for the digestive movement of the stomach instead of the stomach wall, as the location of the injection is determined by the doctor after diagnosing the patient’s condition.
With one of these methods used to fight obesity, you can get rid of excess weight and get a slim body and the desired weight.

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